1. Collapsible Contact Staff

    Collapsible Contact Staff


    (Ft. 35266)

    This is the ultimate Collapsible Contact Staff! Details...
  2. Feicha



    (Ft. 38205)

    The "Grandfather" of all Contact Staff.

  3. Fire Contact Staff

    Fire Contact Staff


    (Ft. 23511)

    This is the ultimate contact staff! Details...
  4. Dragon Adapter Cuff

    Dragon Adapter Cuff


    (Ft. 34090)

    The best and most handy version of collapsible Dragon Staff.

  5. Dragon Staff light

    Dragon Staff light


    (Ft. 54662)

    The old school first model of Dragon Staff (super light version) Details...
  6. AcroStaff



    (Ft. 37029)

    This is a non fire contact staff for acrobatic use.

  7. Practice Contact Staff

    Practice Contact Staff


    (Ft. 23511)

    A smooth, well balanced, excellent tool. Details...
  8. Contact Sword

    Contact Sword


    (Ft. 35266)

    A unique equipment for contact staff experts.

  9. Collapsible Practice Contact Staff

    Collapsible Practice Contact Staff


    (Ft. 35266)

    A smooth, well-balanced, excellent tool Details...
  10. Fire Spinner Stick - M

    Fire Spinner Stick - M


    (Ft. 11755)

    Shorter version for double stick techniques

  11. Fire Spinner Stick - L

    Fire Spinner Stick - L


    (Ft. 14694)

    Longer version for spinning techniques

  12. Fire Juggling Staff

    Fire Juggling Staff


    (Ft. 13225)

    Fire Staff for juggling and throwing. Details...
  13. Fire Eating Stick

    Fire Eating Stick


    (Ft. 2939)

    This is the most safe and elegant Fire Eating Stick from all

  14. Fire Flower Stick

    Fire Flower Stick


    (Ft. 14694)

    This is the best fire flower stick out there. Details...
  15. Kick Stick

    Kick Stick


    (Ft. 6465)

    The Kick Stick is a highly durable flower stick