The new material : EN AW-2007 / ISO: (Al Cu4PbMg)

Since many years I have been working on the ContactStaff. Although I can say that it is the best staff which has ever made and balanced especially for contact technique, I still wasn't satisfied.

It the last two months I made two innovations, which may make this staff be called as ultimate contact staff. The staff has good swing as the middle is light and the ends are heavy. If it is too light in the middle it can became sensitive. If a contact staff has 1-2 milimeter bending, it is already bad, so the tube has to be really stiff. It is thick in the middle tube's wall so it is stiff enough, but at the same time the whole staff can become too heavy.
I found a special aluminum alloy, the EN AW-2007 / ISO: (Al Cu4PbMg). This material I had to order from Germany, because no Hungarian company has it. The price is three times more but the tensile strength is double like the normal aluminum alloys. For the ContactStaff I will use only this material in the future to have extra strong staffs which can't bend or break.

By the way it doesn't mean that you should play with your staff like me as I test them... :)



The new porting system

I made lots of experiments to find the best way of connecting portable staff. It has to be 100 percent straight after many falls and hits.At the same time the connection has to be relatively light to play well. After many variation of solid connection, all shown the same effect,it started to get loose 0.1 millimeter. It means 1-2 millimeters at the end, what is already too much.

Than I thought of flexible connection what can be still strait. You know the sentence is right, there is no new thing under the sun. This rubber connection already used for ski sticks and some other staffs. So I use the idea and adopt it to the contact staff.

I believe this staff will be the ultimate contact staff with the new connection and the special aluminum alloy, mix with the experience of weighting and creating contact staffs.