Every fire performer need a source of fire in their show. It can be a match or a lighter, but looks much more cool and stylish to use a gorgeous and professiona Satge Lamp like what I offer you.
With this lamp not just possible to get the flame and part of the presentation, but you can form your own space, your stage on a street or square anywhere.  

You know iam after of many- many shows and i get know all the little details what makes an oil lamp perfect for use of a performer. The most dirty job before and after a show to fill in and out the lamps. You need to get oily and black your hand if you forget the rubber glowes at home. So now it is over with this lapms. It have a refiller hole in the side to make the process more easy. 

Actually you dont even need to fill it out. it have a nice cap what help to kill the fire safelly and easily and it stops the vaporation too while you store the lamp.

The size is small enough to keep in small space but it has big size of wick what gives huge flames.

The keeper is stands safe to avoide fell, and looks pretty. If you use many lamps to make and decorate your stage, you can put the keepers together to store them in small space.

If you lucky, you can get one with a jinee inside! ;)