For those who loves numbers Steve Joshua Dyffort and Valerie Sealey are two of the Allstaff performers group,  their show brings a number of passing with 11 sticks ... fiery. Guests of the world's fire-arts exhibitions, they live and train at Katakomben in Berlin and recently Stefan Sing and Frank Kraft manage them. I met them at the Firebirds autumn camp in Hungary where….

Lucignolo: Hello Josh, hello Valerie, how did you start and how did you meet each other?
V: We started separately both with poi, Josh in the street and me as a hobby while completing studies. At that time we found the stick boring, then we were engaged for a show and to cover the required time needed to insert other elements. Since the dynamics of the stick were the ones most familiar to us we decided to start with. From that moment we have never more separated from it. On Internet we learned other tricks to add to the routine and the passion exploded.

Josh: We met in the spring of 2003 in Senegal. Valerie from California was there for a doctorate in sociology, I was there coming from Germany…. Hitch-hiking. ... or at least that's the official version. In truth I found her in China, while cutting a tree, she jumped out and said, "Uh," I took it and drove to study yoga, then became interested in dance, silk and contact-ball.

l.: Do you immediately began to play together?
J: Yes, but more important is that from the first night I slipped into her bed Aaahahahah!
Write write it, and write also I like beautiful Italian women "mamamiaaaa"
l.: Ok wrote, as the experience to circus school in Beijing?

V.: In Thailand we met at the bus stop Satya, a Figi girl, when she saw we were carrying sticks she thought we were the usual “4 trick spinners”. She studied "Fei-cha" in Beijing and as we were chatting she understood our passion for the contact and told us about an old master of this ancient art and that he would soon stop teaching body-rolling with the trident becouse of heart problems.  

So…. Let's go!
We practiced 12 hours a day, but resisted. Before us few Westerners have been there for the fei-cha. Josh was deep in the training more than Chinese, the teacher had to calm him, for them it was bizarre considering that Europeans have the reputation of sweet feet. Two years later Antti Sunniala learnt in the same school and with him then the Allstaffs (allstaffsperformers.com) was born and then the retired Basti Berger joined them.

-Josh and Valerie are among the first, addition to Stevie, eponymous speaker trick, to make the body-rolling baggage of Western contact with the stick (ed.)

J.: Fei-cha means flying trident and was used to fight bears.

The Fei-Cha is on the list of the 100 games: "The period of greatest glory is for ancient China under the Han Dynasty 206 BC-220 AD with particular attention paid to the subjects of popular entertainment, by the definition of a hundred games, are similar to those noble "From" History of the Circus "A. Serena, B Mondadori 2008
l.: Josh when did you start to travel?

J: I started with my mother craft since childhood. Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Egypt. At 19 I met God in the woods who told me to entertain the people of the world and so I went alone, at 20 to play with poi and busking having street show. Tired of running I stopped in Berlin and tried to professionalize and to follow the total cleaning techniques.
l.: What gave Katakomben contribution to the development of techniques for throwing?

J.: We love the high technical level and Katakomben (katakomben-berlin.de) gave us a strong motivation that led us to expand and improve the technique. That space is good for growth, you are training in those rooms where you sleep in and when it's cold outside motivation grows. It is a space where artists of different disciplines come and go.

l.: Thank you all and see you soon.


By Lucignolo Paopo Male