injuco 2011 goa india

If you are a world traveller, and interested in fire arts, you may be interested in INJUCO.

The first Indian Juggling Convention was organized in 2008 in Wagator, a little village of north Goa.
This is why it's better to call it Goan juggling convention as I think, because it is created by the energies of the world traveller "hippies" who used to gather there since the 70's. So who came to the gathering found not only Indian jugglers but the most international little convention of the planet. At the year of 2009 the 200 participants came from about 40 different countries.

Goa was always a meeting point of all kinds of artists, musicians, jugglers and fire dancers, but there was not such a happening to focus them together at the same time at the same place.
Then came one guy, whose name was Tom Shanti who had the dream like lots of us, but he had the courage to take the job of main organizer of the project, and put lots of effort, time, and money to make it happen. For his first call lots of people came to help him because it was a common dream. Some of the organising team, who are great performers and very good friends of mine: Lata, Ying, Jay, Benji, Moran, Pierrick.

I want to thank you and the whole crew and specially for Tom to take part in the most special juggling convention I've ever been. Such a nice atmosphere, good people, amazing artists, and the place is like a paradise.
If you were too long in the sun, just jump into the ocean for a swim, drink a fresh juice, then go back to an other interesting workshop, which you can see a lot in the day.
I recommend this little festival if you can pay for the flight, or have enough endurance and time to go by bicycle. It is not just a joke! I have met some people in India who got there by bikes. It takes only 4-6 months.
By the way if you go for more than two months it can be cheaper than staying in Europe, paying your rent, food, travelling, etc.
It's still a question where will be the next convention, but you can follow the information on the following facebook site:


The Wheel of Samsara - INJUCO Juggling Convention 2009 (Goa, India) from Digital Samsara on Vimeo.