Burn Crew Concept - Palais de Tokyo

In Europe, the fire-jugglers/performers movement always present at juggling conventions and various music festivals, starts to take its own shape and brings with it the techniques of juggling and the verve of music festivals, from which he took its first steps.
I was in Paris for the birthday "rencontre" Burning Crew Concept held on 23 and 24 January 2010 in the forecourt of the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art museum and a real temple of the French fire. A two-day exchange of tricks, music and dance with fire.
I got inspiration from the event to review the status of juggling with fire in Europe.
Over the past five years, the diffusion and techniques of stick, poi, meteor, hula and its evolved at breakneck speed, reaching a large audience of fans especially in central and northern Europe where mostly the need to meet each other has created different natured meetings.
This allowed a simultaneous development of the techniques and the other part of artistic taste, mixed with dance, juggling the fakir and the theater.
But back to Paris! There were about a thousand people, including fans, professionals and the merely curious, the technical levels were very different, from kids who lit for the first time a tool to true stars of the network as the guru of the contact-staff Meast, the creative spitfire DAS organizer of the meeting and creator of the BCC, D Menza fine fire-poi performer, Laura Benestan brunette Venus of duo Nata-Raja. All in one place and all with a great joy to play in the midst of so many people, almost a family meeting for boys and girls from all parts of France. Despite the bad weather conditions people went on till sunrise and as a show of good awareness of these there was not any kind of accident.
The occasion of this annual meeting is the fact that on 24 January BCC celebrated its sixth year of activity.
This growing importance of the event: in 2004 the first round of the BCC at the Palais de Tokyo were 6 people, the following year there were approximately 80, and citizens interest to the phenomenon led the group founder to settle the association. In 2006 there were 270 people, 400 in 2007, more than 500 in 2008, in 2009 at the party came a sound system with full-blown and there was a wave of more than 1000 people including many curious and non-experts, so that the organizers had some difficulties.

 This year it was decided to avoid power generator and sound system, coming back to give a more "intimate" mood (though a thousand people) to the event with drummers and didgeridoo accompaniment to the guests.
For few months before it is circulated in the network, by DAS, the recommendations called for all, never too much, on what to have to and not have to provide better security of the performer and viewer.
During the two days before the event I went to meet him and we talked about festivals, artists, fire-community and what was the proper way to disseminate rules and safety techniques, and the benefits of free movement of such advices.
The idea is that hide jealously the techniques generate multiple hazards for the uninitiated, often very young and sometimes overly enthusiastic about being so close to the fire and they believed themselves masters of the element, veeeeery seriously risking serious consequences for external parts of the body but, worse, even for those inland.
So it is essential that the experts give maximum listening and assistance to beginners, because the first steps to be better for all and accompanied by a healthy dose of tips, advice and invitations to full consciousness of even the smallest gesture during manipulation fire.
To do this you should use well crafted instruments, to learn more about the characteristics and stimulate the mind on the possibilities of improvements both in terms of possibility of manipulation, and of course, security!
Over the years, from BCC results the born at least of five other professional groups with objectives in the field of performing arts with fire. That Paris is a community that is intended as a meeting point and a reservoir of skilled artists and aware of the potential technical and artistic of fire performing and the risk of fire.
The BCC main meeting is in May for his convention with the participation of people and artists all over the world.
We recommend interested people to follow, and where possible not only in network, events such as Burning Bizarre and Feuerwelt in Germany, Kiev Fire Festival in June, the small but unique event in Italy Festa del Fuoco at Stromboli and if you like electronic music the Boom festival in Portugal, Ozora in Hungary and having too much money to spend… the Burning Man in USA

Paolo Mele/Lucignolo


The 7th Palais de Tokyo party is at 22 of January 2011 ! For more information please check the official site above.
We will inform you the next fire events through the whole year, so keep on visit our site regularly.


I have been in the BCC convention in 2010 may, and it was great fun! :)