Flame Master Festival 

Playa del Carmen - Mexico


The following interwiev Imade with Amadeo, who is member of the Atomic Weight crew, the organiser of the event.

Please tell some words about your crew who organize Flamemasters.

The FMF (Flame Master Fest) was born thanks to the vision and dedication of a few young
enthusiasts that, for many years, have dedicated their lives to the Fire Arts. To fully
understand the FMF one has to know about Atomic Weight productions, the company
behind this project.
Atomic Weight started as a group of amateur fire spinners performing on the streets of
Playa del Carmen for fun and a little pocket money. Today, 9 years later it has become
a successful entertainment business performing an average of 150 shows per month,
accumulating a total of 5.000+ fire shows over the last few years. Most importantly,
we've succeeded in professionalize the art of fire dancing, offereing formation and a way
of living to dozens of fire artists and have changed the perception of the general public
towards the fire arts.
Therefore the FMF appeared as a natural step to take: an international festival where
fire artists and spinners could gather, share their experiences, learn from each other
and show their work publicly on the lively streets of this amazingly beautiful city.

Many people are making it happen. Above all, this is a project for everybody and we'd
like to see how the community gets involved in the project and takes ownership of it in
the future.

How come the idea to organize the first big firedance contest?

As I mentioned before, we had to struggle, as every fire artist, to get recognition as
professionals. If we want to change the perception that the general public and society
has of the fire arts, we must start by acknowledging and rewarding the excellence in this
art form ourselves.
The championship aims to encourage fire artists to develop their technique and
performative skills to the highest quality. Also, there are many fire artists today that are
little known despite their amazing talent. Fire artists must have trust on what they do
and the FM Championship is a reminder that what they do is great.

The same happened  with street dance, skate, graffiti, circus and many

other "alternative" arts. Today, everybody knows Cirque du Soleil and such big events like

the X Games. Street dance (brake dance, hip hop, and all its derivates) is present in
a quarter of the videoclips on MTV and the most renowned and exclusive museums
and art galleries worldwide have graffiti and street art exhibitions among Picassos, Van
Goghs and Warhols. Who knows what can happen to the fire arts...

How is the location of the Festival like and the place around?

Well, you really have to see it to understand why we do it here. You can also google it!
Playa del Carmen offers the prefect conditions for an even of this nature. All the

activities of the fest will take place around the center of the city, but you're never more
than 2 blocks away from an amazingly beautiful beach! The place is beautiful and there
are so many things to see and do around. The participants will have fun and the city will
have fun too!

Do you have some surprise for the people who come for the contest?

The competition is only part of a festival full of activities. There will be workshops,
performances, parties and more. We hope the whole festival will be a very big surprise
for everyone.

Do you plan to organize the event regularly in the future?

I'm glad you ask that question. Yes, that's the idea. This will be the first edition of the
FMF, but our vision goes way beyond a one time event. We plan to do it every year and
hopefully the FMF will become a compulsory stopover for fire artists around the world.
We're working hard for that.

How can people know more about the FMF?

They can check our website: www.flamemaster.net
Facebook users can also find us here: www.facebook.com/AtomicWeight