A unique equipment for contact staff experts.

We offer the best model in the market for Contact Sword.
The latest version is a product of 3-year-long development to reach the present stage.

The inner tube of the sword is made of aluminum 7075, what makes it possible to create such light body with enough strenght which does not band or break.
This makes also possible to reach 1260mm lenght with the dry weight of 966g and the 1060mm length of 946g!

The counterweight is a 50mm diameter steel ball what is 500g, more than half of the full weight. We cover the counterweight with a soft underlayer and a rubber overlayer to make the item safer.  just leave If the metal surface is without protection, when it is left naked (like other makers do) the equipment is deadly dangerous. If the player makes mistake with this weight, it can crash the head badly. With the protection cover it become much safer.

The handle surface is covered by spongy EPDM rubber and tennis overgrip. The shape is carved what gives better control for the player. The weightpoint is signed, the dry and the dipped as well. The weightpoint is moving from one to the other point while the fuel is burning out.

The handle surface is separated by a silicone disc from the burning surface what makes the sword much safer to use.

The top is closed by a ring of copper strenghtened kevlar wick.

This item is gives real illusion for the audiance and they will go crazy.
If you are an expert contact staff player, this will be your favorite equipment for sure!


-Take care of handling and transportation, if the tube get too much force from perpendicular way, it can band.

-If you use benzene or white gas it will reduce the lifetime of the kevlar and may damage the silicone disc. Also the risk is high because of the high burning hear, so it is not recommended to use the Contact Sword with these fuels.

-The contact sword is not made for fight, it can't stand the hitting or other strong force.

-Use very carefully, it is made for only expert contact staff players. Use only after much practice when have high control with the equipment.