Dear Fire Artist,

I hope you will be satisfied with our products and they will bring fun for you and for your audience.

When paying with a Bank Card we get your money immediately and we start to prepare your request.
When your payment arrives we can start to prepare your gear. If you ordered standard product, so did not change any settings than it can be ready in 3 days. 
If you ordered one or more custom-made products the manufacturing can be 1-2 weeks, it depends on the amount of orders that we need to handle.
If the product is ready for shipping, we will inform you about the tracking number and the date of shipment. 
Please be sure about to give valid, detail-full address with phone contact. Postbox is not suitable for our couriers. 
Because oversize regulation we cannot send longer parcel than 150cm to out of Europe. So if you plan to order a kind of staff, you need to order portable version or less than 150cm long. 

I give 1 year of warranty for my products. This is not valid for worn off kevlar and grip, or damage by bad handling. If there is a production fail, we repair the product or exchange it. Please write an email to in case of reclamation.
If your tool goes wrong after a year, we can still repair it, but then you need to pay the cost of repair and the postage.


Please read carefully the fire safety advices and the description of the product to know how to use the equipment correctly to keep it in good condition for many years, and play safely for you and for your surroundings.

Have fun and give fun!