1. Fire Hat

    Fire Hat


    (Ft. 29388)

    I proudly present the one and only fire juggling hat in the world!

  2. Flying Sword

    Flying Sword


    (Ft. 20572)

    The finest fire sword for special tricks. Details...
  3. Fire Juggling Sword

    Fire Juggling Sword


    (Ft. 11755)

    Juggling torches with huge flames

  4. Fire Diabolo Kit

    Fire Diabolo Kit


    (Ft. 11755)

    "This fire diabolo is the best on the planet"

  5. Fire Flower Stick

    Fire Flower Stick


    (Ft. 11755)

    This is the best fire flower stick out there. Details...
  6. Fire Juggling Staff

    Fire Juggling Staff


    (Ft. 13225)

    Fire Staff for juggling and throwing. Details...
  7. Kick Stick

    Kick Stick


    (Ft. 6465)

    The Kick Stick is a highly durable flower stick