Hoop + Dance

  1. Polypro Fire Hula Hoop (light)

    Polypro Fire Hula Hoop (light)


    (Ft. 29388)

    This Fire Hula Hoop is the best deal on the market!

  2. Fire Umbrella

    Fire Umbrella


    (Ft. 28213)

    A unique tool for spectacular shows. Details...
  3. Fire Fan

    Fire Fan


    (Ft. 25862)

    This is an excellent folding fan.

  4. Hand Candle

    Hand Candle


    (Ft. 8817)

    Beautiful Hand Candle is essential for all firedancer ladies

  5. Fire Fly

    Fire Fly


    (Ft. 8817)

    The Fire Fly is a tricky pocket-sized fire toy

  6. Fire Jumping Rope

    Fire Jumping Rope


    (Ft. 11755)

    This is an ideal fire jumping rope / skipping rope.