The following artists are my good friends who use my equipments and help my innovative work to test my new prototypes to achieve better and better quality. Thank you guys!


The performers Valerie Ann Sealey and Steve Joshua Dyffort founded Solstix in the year 2003, when they decided to  combine their skills to aim for a new innovative masterpiece.Their professional training includes  modern and classical dance, pantomime and partner acrobatics taken in Berlin, and circus skills at  the “Beijing International Art School” in China. The duo have been known since  for their excellence in technical innovations in contact staff and fire shows.Also available are mesmerising solo acts with aerial silk,  crystal ball juggling and/or special tailored ensemble shows. Currently they are based in Berlin, Germany and performing internationally.

solstix 1


The performers François Erb and the twin sisters Hanna and Tina Lange started working together in 2007 and founded LOOOOP in 2009.

Together they have been developing partner poi techniques for many years and created new ideas of how to spin poi interlaced with a partner.
With the release of their first video "what the (beep beep) do we know" in 2009 they initiated a partner poi wave around the globe and since then the international spinning community has known them for their creative videos and unique performance style.
The so-called LOOOOPies are based in Berlin and live from fireshows and performing arts. They also teach workshops and perform all over the world.

Linda Farkas

In the year 2003 Linda Farkas founded with other artists Magma Firetheater . Since 2005 she represents Magma Firetheater alone. On one hand she is one of the best contact staff player combining dance and juggling together, on the other hand she is known as a very talented fire costume designer . 

She is the "main dreamer" and director of several new circus scene collaboration with Firebirds and other artists to create a unique fusion with movement theater and contemporary fire and visual arts.

From almost the beginning she plays with props as contact staff , double staff, hula hoop, poi and fans from GORA

Sebastian Berger

"My work focuses on the world of staff manipulation. So far I explored this world in about 350 performances. Mostly in entertainment fields, some theatrical work and a tiny bit of traditional circus.

My base is the development & research of manipulation technique trough improvisations  and a theoretical approach. The object design is essential. It enables technique to grow into clear pictures on stage. 

Gora is a strong partner in fire equipment design. His knowledge and skill in manipulating fire tools, leads to his playful designs. Strong tools for personal expression."


MCP (Meghan Claire Pike)

"I have been travelling the world teaching object manipulation and performing for the past 8 years, from Japan to Australia, America, Russia and Europe. Currently I am researching new forms of club manipulation and working on combining contemporary dance and illusional forms of street dance with my object manipulation skills.
I still enjoy
contact staff most of all but I am trying to add elements of story and physical theatre to my performances to make them more powerful and moving. Virtuosity is one thing, but leaving a lasting impression is more powerful I think.
My staff is probably my best friend, I've known it for years and I am careful to choose who I let play with it. Gora would be the one person I would trust to create a duplicate of it."




Valery Imus

"I have been juggling for some years now. But my vision of juggling changed in 2007 when I discovered club swinging and the graphical side of it.

Since then I never ceased to look for new shapes and new patterns to draw in space with clubs. I love club swinging because it gives me much more freedom than "classical" juggling.
I particularly like it with fire, due to the visual effects that it creates on the audience.
I choose Gora's Magnetic Swings, because simply it is the Best!
Not ready to give that up! :)"



Thoum Lacoste

"I'm a young photographer from France that began taking fire shots 5 years ago. This was my first main theme and it remains a massive part of my work as a photographer.
This shot is a kind of lucky strike, it was taken on stage and I had never seen that kind of fire stick before. It gots to be shot like a firebreathing flame to keep all the texture in the magma, and it was very suprising. I just had the time to set my camera to capture this picture.
One of the greatest aspects of fire photography is that, most of the time, what you see on your screen is nothing you could imagine at the instant you're pressing the trigger.
You just set the controls to entend to capture something that nobody, even yourself, can see when it arrives, and you're sometimes amazed by what has just happened."