My name is Krisztian Gora, professional fire performer since 2000. In the last few years I made more than a thousand firedance and juggling shows around the world, with my group, called Firebirds. As a performer I know what makes an equipment good, and what difference is to play with a well made, safe firetoy.
My other passion is to make firedance props.

With innovative technologies and materials our team creates a wide range of fire equipments. We created hundreds of prototypes, tested lots of materials and methods of production, to reach the current quality in material and workmenship. We are aspired to find the balance between the lightness (good handling, weight balance), the strongness (to be durable and safe), and the good price.

All of my colleagues, whom I work with, are jugglers and craftsmen (like leather worker, saddle maker).
On this website we offer you to customize your instrument (choose colors, sizes, etc.) to have a really personal and suitable tool, what you design for yourself.

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